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Sharp Lineage

I have ran into some conflicting info on the Mayfield line that makes me question some of the Sharp info.  Contradicting information about Eleanor Mayfield.  Some info leads to her being married to William Sharp others info says John Sharp.  Charting the information has lead my work on the line in to a confusing loop that I am trying to work out. 

Looks to be that John Sharp married his second wife Elinor Mayfield.  Our William descends from the unknown wife and the documentation states that Eleanor, wife of William,  that her name MAY be Mayfield, daughter of Elijah Mayfield.    Very well could have been, need to find something to verify that info.  Something more than what someone "thinks" is correct.  Need sources.

John Sharp's 2nd wife Elinor Mayfield father was said to be James Mayfield.
  1. William SHARP m Mary Ayers (not confirmed)
  2. John SHARP m Unknown (2) Elinor Mayfield
  3. William SHARP M Eleanor Mayfield??
  4. William Anderson SHARP m Agnes Hensley
  5. Martin Vincent SHARP m Mary C Smith
  6. Millie Ardell SHARP m Milton Brown Dabbs
  7. Minerva Ann DABBS m Burnette Otha Johnson
  8. Vera Evelyn JOHNSON m Earl Kelley
  9. Patricia Ann KELLEY m Choice Ray McMurry
  10. Kelly Ray MCMURRY m Donna Lou Dyer

Recorded as Sharp, Sharpe, and the diminutives Sharpin, Sharplin and Sharpling, this is an English surname. It is a good example of a surname originating from a medieval nickname, with the derivation from the Olde English pre 7th Century wrd "scearp", meaning sharp and used to describe a "sharp or smart" person. As a surname it is found recorded all over the British Isles with great frequency, as would be expected of a soubriquet likely to be handed down as being complimentary. The surname is first recorded in the early 11th Century (see below), with other early recordings including Ailmer Scharp in the Pipe Rolls of Hertfordshire for 1184; Aylmer Sarp in tax registers known as the Feet of Fines for Essex in 1228; and Alan Sharp in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in the year 1296. Later examples taken from the surviving church registers of the diocese of Greater London incluude Danis Sharp who married Joane Paynter on February 12th 1564, at Harrow on the Hill, John Sharpling, at St Dionis Backchurch, on December 8th 1724, and George Sharplin who married Mary Cranmore at St Katherines by the Tower (of London) on April 1st 1744. Robert Sharp, who departed from the port of London, aboard the ship "Abigall" bound for New England, in June 1635, was one of the first settlers in the new colony of Virginia. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Healden Scearpa. This was dated 1026, in the "Old English Bynames", for the county of Kent, during the reign of King Canute, 1016 - 1035.

First Generation
William Sharp

William Sharp m Mary Ayers

WILLIAM SHARP was born about 1727 in Ireland. He died in Jul 1755.

WILLIAM married MARY AYERS about 1749 in Ireland. MARY was born about1728.

They had the following children:

  1. Issac Sharp was born about 1750. He died in Oct 1830. He married Mary Wolverton Abt 1777. They had 13 children.
  2. JOHN SHARP was born in 1753. He died in 1823. (Cannot find documentation to support that John was the son of William and Mary, this is based on others info)
In 1749 William & Mary were in South Carolina. Immigrated from Ireland. Both were Scotch Irish. Both were teachers. William was also a surveyor of land.

Title: Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania

William was killed during battle in July 1755 in the Battle of the Wilderness after death of William, Mary later married a John Wilson.

From Roy Sharp , William may have been part of a group of about 800-plus irregular volunteers swept up with General Braddock on his way to the Battle of the Wilderness (a/k/a Battle of Fort Duquesne, a/k/a Battle of Monongahela, first battle of the French and Indian War). Fought on July 6, 1755. More than half the force died in battle (about 1,500) that day.
Page: p. 171

In the year 1749 William and Mary Sharp, of Scotch-Irish ancestry, left their native land to seek a home in the New World. They first located in the State of South Carolina, where their son Isaac was born April 13, 1750, and the family afterward moved to Virginia.

William SHARP b: Abt. 1727 in Ireland d: 1755 in Battle of the Wilderness, French & Indian War..

Title: Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania
Publication: J. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1893
Call Number:
Media: Electronic
Page: p. 171

William arrived "in Boston during the early 1770's, after the Stamp Act when "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny" became a current issue. He became an active patriot and participated in "pouring tea" at the Boston Tea Party on Dec. 16, 1773. He was one of the band of Patriots, disguised as Indians and armed with hatchets, who boarded one of the British vessels and broke open 342 chests of tea, throwing their contents into the harbor. He joined the army of Patriots shortly following George Washington's appointment as commander- in-chief of all the continental forces on June 15, 1775. He was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine Creek, at Chad's Ford, Penn., on Sept 11, 1777."

Second Generation
John Sharp

John Sharp m unknown

JOHN SHARP (poss. WILLIAM) was born in 1753 in, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He died in 1823 in ,Union, Tennessee.

JOHN married UNKNOWN , in 1782 in , , Pennsylvania. Unknown died in 1870. John marries Eleanor Mayfield.

They had the following children:

1.    WILLIAM SHARP born Abt. 1782 in Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1865 in Lewis County TN. He married Eleanor Mayfield; born Abt. 1785 in Pendleton County SC; died Abt. 1870 in Lewis County TN.
2.   Nehemiah Sharp, born Abt. 1784 in Pennsylvania; died 1870 in Lewis County TN.
3.   Edward Sharp, born 17 January 1787 in Kentucky; died 14 February 1866 in Perry County TN.
4.   Henry Sharp, born Abt. 1790.
5.   John Sharp, born Abt. 1792 in Kentucky; died 1852 in Lewis County TN. He married Mary Blackburn 12 July1817 in Maury County TN; born 1781 in North Carolina; died Aft. 1852. In a deposition given in June 1842, Maury County TN, John D. Sharp, a lawyer, stated that he was then 50 years old. [See
Lawsuit of Rainey vs Rainey, Maury County TN Circuit Court.]
6.   Joshua Sharp, born Abt. 1793.
7.   Margaret Sharp, born Abt. 1794.

John  married Eleanor Mayfield

They had the following children:

1.    James Sharp, born Abt. 1800 in Kentucky; died Abt. 1855 in Perry County TN. He married Eliza Mayfield 17 August 1820 in Maury County TN; born 1804 in Kentucky; died Abt. 1865 in Perry County TN.
2.   Samuel Sharp, born Abt. 1801 in Kentucky; died Abt. 1868 in Hickman County TN.
3.   Adam Sharp, born Abt. 1813 in Tennessee.

John Sharp was born in Pennsylvania, and died in Tennessee. He married (1) Name Unknown. He married (2) Eleanor Mayfield 06 July 1799 in Jefferson County KY, daughter of James Mayfield and Name Unknown. She was born Abt. 1784 in Virginia, and died Bef. 1844 in Illinois.

John Sharp was one of the earliest settlers of Hickman County, TN.  They lived in Washington County, PA around 1785 or 1786, then moved to Kentucky (Jefferson Co, and Shelby  Co.)  Godspeed lists them the first settlement made in Lewis Co. was made in 1806 by John Sharp and family (sons William, Edward, Nehemiah, Samuel and  Joshua along with Elijah, Samuel, and James Mayfield) on Swan Creek.  They came from Kentucky and settled on what is now known as the Jones Vencent Place on the Upper Swan.  Later they moved to TN
Sullivan County - Ceded to Tennessee  Sullivan County was the second county formed in what is now Tennessee, and included the part of Washington County lying north of a line formed by the ridge dividing the waters of the Watauga from those of the Holston, and extending from the termination of this ridge to the highest point of the Chimney Top Mountain.The first or one of the first mills in the county is said to have been built by John Sharp, an Indian trader. It was a small tub-mill, and stood on the spot occupied by the mill built a few years later by John Spurgeon at the mouth of Muddy Creek.

Third Generation
William Sharp

William Sharp m Eleanor Mayfield

WILLIAM SHARP (JOHN, poss.WILLIAM) was born in 1782 in ,Washington, Pennsylvania. He died in  Abt 1865  in , Lewis, Tennessee.

WILLIAM married ELEANOR MAYFIELD, daughter of ELIJAH MAYFIELD and ELIZABETH ANDERSON in 1805 in , , Kentucky. ELEANOR was born in 1785 in , Pendleton County South Carolina. She died in 1870 in , Lewis, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
  1.   Mary Ann  “Polly” Sharp was born on 1 Dec 1805 in, Maury, Tennessee. She died on  22Dec 1871.
  2. Mary married Newton Tarrant on 12 Jan 1824 in Maury, Tennessee. Newton was born in Est 1799 in Maury, Tennessee.
  3. Perry Sharp was born on 1 Dec 1805 in < Illinois>. He died in 1871.
  4. John M Sharp was born in 1807 in Lewis, Tennessee. He died in 1880.John married Nancy Hensley on 11 Apr 1828 in Maury, Tennessee.
  5. Catherine  “Kate” Sharp was born in 1810 in Maury, Tennessee. She died in Mar 1877 in Palestine, Lewis, Tennessee. Catherine married James Caple Tarrant, son of James Tarrant and Rebecca Elizabeth Langley on 17 Jan 1829 in Maury, Tennessee. James was born in 1809 in South Carolina. He died before 1870. He was buried in Palestine Cemetery, Hickman, Tennessee.
  6. WILLIAM ANDERSON SHARPwas born in 1810. He died in 1922. He married Agnes Hensley, 2) Mary Hensley
  7. Elizabeth Sharp was born on 6 Feb 1811 in Maury, Tennessee. She died on 21 Jul1878.Elizabeth married Alfred A Langley.
  8. Sophia Sharp was born on 18 Nov 1813 in Maury, Tennessee. She died on 21 Jan1911 in , Butler. Kansas. Sophia married William Kirk in Jan 1823 in Maury, Tennessee.
  9.   Harriet Sharp was born in 1826 in Maury, Tennessee. She died after 1880.Harriet married Morris Clayton on 15 Jan 1846 in Lewis, Tennessee. Morris was born in Est 1821 in Lewis, Tennessee.
  10. Rebecca T Sharp was born in 1826 in Maury, Tennessee. She died after 1900.Rebecca married Alexander King.
  11. Martha Jane Sharp was born on 19 Oct 1828 in Maury, Tennessee. She died on 21Apr 1902.Martha married Willis Goodwin Dodson on 27 Aug 1846 in Lewis, Tennessee. Martha also married Thomas Wagnon in 1850 in Arizona.
  12. Milton Sharp.
WILLIAM SHARP, born 1782 in Pennsylvania, son of John Sharp, was one of the earlier settlers of the Lewis County area. He is listed on the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Maury County census, but always lived in what became present day Lewis County. He died between 1860 and 1867, in Lewis County. His wife, Elinor, born 1785, South Carolina, died between June 1870 and 6 February 1871, in Lewis County; she may have been a daughter of Elijah Mayfield. Per early census records, William and Elinor had 13 children.

J.M. Sharp was the administrator of Elender Elinor Sharp.
She signed her name at times as Elinor and at times as Elender and in Guardian Book, pg 68, she is Elen Sharp. rm 1871, page 11 & 12:

The children of William Sharp & Elender Elinor Mayfield are proven by the Lewis Co. TN Chancery Court records, October term 1871, page 11 & 12:

William entered 64 acres in Lewis County, Tennessee on the waters of Big Swan Creek, range 5 section 4, bounded by existing property of William Anderson Sharp, his son, ? Hensley, and John P. Blackburn which was entered 23 Apr 1845. John P. Blackburn and A. G. Hensley were chain carriers. William entered 126 acres in Lewis County, Tennessee on waters of Big Swan Creek, range 5 section 4 which was entered 17 May 1846. A. A. Langley, and J. F. Hensley were chain carriers. William entered 194 3/4 acres in Lewis County on Big Swan Creek on 17 Mar 1846. A. A. Langley and J. F. Hensley were chain carriers. William entered 200 acres by virtue of entry #238, 26 Nov 1846, on Lewis County. Land was 'bounded' by Henry Mayfield and N. Sharp. Pleasant Mayfield, Levi Sharp, and George Mayfield, Eleanor's uncle, were 'chain carriers'.

All of the above entries were most likely re-entries from Maury County surveys after Lewis County was formed. William's land was divided among eleven heirs at his death and records of William Anderson Sharp and John Mayfield Sharp show they sold their portions to W. R. Kittrell
Fourth Generation
William Anderson Sharp

William Anderson Sharp m Agnes Hensley

WILLIAM ANDERSON SHARP (WILLIAM, JOHN, poss WILLIAM) was born in 1810 in , Maury,Tennessee. He died in 1922 in , Maury, Tennessee.

NANCY GARDNER AGNES was born about 1816 in , Maury, Tennessee. She diedabout 1857.

They had the following children.
  1. MARTIN V SHARPwas born about 1834.
  2. John Gardner Sharp was born on 24 Mar 1836 in Maury, Tennessee. He died on19 Oct 1919 in Dublin, Erath, Texas. John married Unknown Sims.
  3. Francis Caroline Sharp was born in Jan 1839 in , Maury, Tennessee. She died in Mar 1909 in , Lewis, Tennessee. She was buried in Walker Cemetery Lewis Co, Tennessee. Francis married George M Clayton.
  4. Harriet Artimesia Sharp was born on 15 Jan 1840 in , Lewis, Tennessee. She died on 13 Feb 1903 in Lingleville, Erath, Texas. Harriet married Harvey Sims, son of Jesse Sims and Jamima on 20 Oct 1857 in Newburg, Lewis, Tennessee.
  5.   Enoch Oliver Sharp was born on 12 Dec 1841 in , Lewis, Tennessee. He died on 6Dec 1927 in Lingleville,Erath, Texas. Enoch married Bettie Elizabeth Sims on 7 Mar 1867 in , Lewis, Tennessee. Bettie was born on 12 Mar 1849. She died on 20 May 1940.
  6. Thomas M Sharp was born on 2 Jan 1844 in , Lewis, Tennessee. He died on 7 Apr1924 in , Johnson, Texas. Thomas married Lourainie Sims in 1871 in , Lewis, Tennessee.
  7. Elizabeth E Sharp was born in Jun 1845 in , Lewis, Tennessee. Elizabeth married Jackson Beal.
  8. Nancy A Sharp was born in 1852 in , Lewis, Tennessee.
  9. Artimesia Henrietta Sharp was born on 8 Aug 1856 in , Lewis, Tennessee. She died on 11 Feb 1932 in Dublin, Erath, Texas. Artimesia married John C Clayton.
  10. 1Dorcas Marcella Sharp was born in 1857 in <, Lewis, Tennessee>.Dorcas married James D Edwards on 26 May 1878 in , Perry, Tennessee. James was born about 1858 in , , Tennessee. He died on 29 Jun 1935 in Black Creek, Palatka, Arkansas
WILLIAM also married Mary Catherine Hensley, daughter of James T. Hensley and Sarah M. Tarrant on 24 Oct 1866. Mary was born on 1 Aug 1833 in , Maury, Tennessee. She died in 1925 in Oklahoma.

WILLIAM and Mary had the following children.
  1. Mary Sharp.
  2. Locrattus “Crat” Sharp was born on 9 Feb 1862 in Lewis, Tennessee. He died on 9Feb 1934 in Dallas, Dallas, Texas.
  3. Sarah Sharp was born in 1864 in , Lewis, Tennessee. She died in Lewis, Tennessee.
  4. N Burnette Sharp was born on 5 Nov 1866 in , Lewis, Tennessee. She died on 27Oct 1926 in Cedar Hill, Dallas, Texas. N Burnette Sharp married George R. Clayton, son of William Clayton and Emily Lee on 7 Dec 1884 in Lewis, Tennessee. George was born on 23 Dec 1864 in Lewis, Tennessee. He died on 2 Mar 1958.
  5. Morgan C Sharp was born in Oct 1870 in , Lewis, Tennessee. He died in , , Texas. Morgan married Julia.
  6. Nora Bell Sharp was born on 14 May 1872 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. She died in 1943 in , Harmon, Oklahoma. Nora married John M Vincent on 17 Feb 1886 in , , Texas. John was born in 1864 in <, , Texas>. He died on 19 Nov 1899 in , , Texas. Nora also married Benjamin Calvin Johnston in , , Texas. Benjamin was born in May 1874 in , Lewis, Tennessee. He died in 1949 in , Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Mary Catherine Hensley had the following children from a previous marriage to Alexander Kincaid b: 1850 (son of James Kincaid and Elizabeth Church): Rebecca A. Kincaid b: 1852 TN & Silas A. Kincaid b: 1853 TN

Fifth Generation
Martin Vincent Sharp

Martin Vincent Sharp m Mary C Smith

MARTIN V SHARP (WILLIAM ANDERSON, WILLIAM, JOHN, poss WILLIAM) was born about 1834 in , Maury, Tennessee.  He was a farmer.

MARTIN married MARY C SMITH on 15 Jul 1855 in , Marshall, Tennessee. MARY was born on 11 Oct 1834 in , Marshall, Tennessee. She died on 7 Feb 1906.

They had the following children.
  1. Mary A Sharp was born on 7 May 1856 in , , Tennessee. She died on 29 Apr 1910.Mary married Mr. about 1890 in , , Texas.
  2.   Amanda Sharp was born in 1859.
  3. MILLIE ARDELL SHARP was born in 1863.Ginette L Nettie Sharp was born in 1864 in Perry, Tennessee. She died before 1910 in , , Kaufman, TX. Ginette married Pleasant W Whitwell. Pleasant was born in 1857 in Perry Co., TN. He died on 7 Aug 1923 in , Milburn, , Oklahoma.
  4. Luvenia C Sharp was born in 1869.
  5. Attie U. Sharp was born in 1874 in , , Tennessee.
  6. Sidney L Sharp was born in 1877
Sixth Generation
Millie Ardell Sharp

Millie Ardell Sharp m Milton Brown Dabbs


"Pete" and MARY L GRINDER on 29 Dec 1881 in , Perry, Tennessee. MILTON was born in May 1843 in , Perry, Tennessee. He died2 before 1910.

They had the following children.
  1.  Sidney Albert Dabbs was born on 10 Oct 1882. He died on 3 Dec 1937.
  2. Zora Dabbs was born in Mar 1885. She died on 11 Dec 1961.
  3. Flora Estelle Dabbs was born on 15 Apr 1888. She died on 19 Feb 1954.
  4. Mary Bernice Dabbs was born on 5 Jan 1892. She died on 2 May 1963.
  5. MINERVA DABBS was born on 27 Apr 1893. She died on 3 May 1969.
  6. Robert Dabbs was born after 1895. He died before 1910.
  7. Orville Dabbs.
Seventh Generation
Minerva Ann Dabbs

Millie Ardell Sharp m Milton Brown Dabbs

 see Dabbs Family History
 Eighth Generation
Vera Evelyn Johnson

Vera Evelyn Johnson m Earl Leon Kelley

 see Johnson Family History

Nineth Generation
Patricia Ann Kelley

Patricia Ann Kelley m Choice Ray McMurry

 see Kelley Family History

Tenth Generation
Kelly Ray McMurry

Kelly Ray McMurry m Donna Lou Dyer

see McMurry Family History

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